Employees determine how well or bad a company performs. Yes you have set up a company of your dreams but you cannot work alone. You need employees, you need people to work with you. If you treat employees right success will be on your side. However, a downfall will befall you if you start treating them wrong. To get tips on how to treat your employees well, read this article and make sure to apply what you learn. If you have not being doing as said, start and expect a change. If you have been doing it, improve and expect more results.

Employee motivation

The right environment

As a manager, you do not have to keep on following your employees to perform. A wise manager, gives the right environment and employees motivate themselves. Motivation from within is the best for the employees. This is for your good too.

Money isn’t always the solution

Different people get motivation from different things. Some employee’s works better if given more money. This is what makes them work more and better. Have you meet this group that gets motivation form being given more time with their family? And this other group that values recognition within the company? As a manager it is your role to identify the source of motivation of each employee and capitalize on it.

Do not frighten them

Yelling all time does not always work. Employees will react from fear for a short time. They will get used to your shouting and let it pass. Avoid this kid of motivation because fear in humans is short lived.


This is a good source of motivation. Human beings love appreciation and recognition. Make this part of your motivation plan. When you notice they are doing well give them something to say thank you. it does not have to be an expensive gifts, get things like company t-shirts, wrist bands and such. Congratulating them during staff meetings does well too.